Wednesday, October 27, 2010

i can tell the future.

i knew it was going to rain today.

not because it was forecast.

not because it was cloudy.

because i washed my car yesterday.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

the peanut gallery speaks (still)

you will be happy to know that my garage door opener remote is now working just fine. my roommate took it and, after doing exactly what i had done without success, got it to work. i guess it just liked her better...?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

true confessions

i might be turning into a morning person.

and i kind of like it.

except when i don't.

Monday, October 4, 2010


a few years ago my friend miss bell invited me to go camping at glacier national park.* during the drive on the way to our campsite, we started discussing religion. all of us had differing opinions, though we were all practicing mormons. eddie** strongly advocated assimilation to a zion culture. i was and still am adamantly against that.

now there's something to be said about cohesion of culture and brother- sisterhood within an organization such as the church. i have no problem with people believing and acting in a way that allows them to identify and feel one-ness with their faith or other organization (as long as those acts aren't illegal or bring harm to others). my problem arises when the culture is assumed to be doctrinal and those who don't assimilate are shunned or otherwise made to feel bad. we are given principles and can govern ourselves. there are many paths of righteousness within the church. my path is not your path is not his path is not her path.

i guess i bring this up because i have to remind myself of these things every general conference. this is something i've fought hard to come to terms with. for so long i wanted to be on whatever "right" path everyone around me was on. kind of difficult when that changes depending on who you're with. i finally figured out that i have to follow my path no matter what everyone else is doing and as long as i've consulted the lord and have his approval, then i'm good. even if sister so-and-so*** is on a different path. yes, i need to follow the prophet and i love listening to the inspired messages and getting pumped to change myself for the better. i love setting goals and forgetting striving to keep them. one of mine this conference is to be more service oriented and to think of what i can give to {people, organizations, events} instead of what i'll get from them.

so, uh, what are your conference thoughts?

*this is a whole other story in itself. if i remember, i'll post it someday. reminders welcome.

**name has been changed to one i don't like. actually i didn't like his real name, either. (my apologies if your name is eddie. please don't take it personally)

***when i was little, i thought sister so-and-so was someone's real name. but i don't anymore.