Thursday, December 24, 2009

dear santa,

i believe.

love, annie

ps. you read blogs, right?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the nerve

so i went to ALL the trouble of dragging myself to the airport and spending hours in transit only to be abandoned by my family. apparently there's something called work in which some people prefer to indulge. so i'm eating copious amounts of sweets and watching good things utah (and trying not to put a pen through my eye). 

and there's diet coke with lime EVERYWHERE. 

i know. my life is so hard.

it's good to be home.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

i would just like to remind you all...

...that i live in VIRGINIA.

*update: official snowfall measurements
from M. - "lots and lots"  (in inches)
from S. - "a  s***load of snow"
from E. - 16.5" at Reagan National Airport, 7th largest snowstorm in dc history
from me - it's above my knees

Monday, December 14, 2009

you'll never guess...

the sweating began as i started getting ready for church yesterday morning.

i wore this. that's right. green tafetta.* not the greatest fabric OR color when you know you get the nervous sweats. but my roommate said it made my eyes pop (in a good way), so i HAD to wear it.

just walking from closet to bathroom to bedroom and back again in the daily ritual hunt for my keys/lippy stuff/sunglasses/coat/scarf/purse/phone/violin/shoulder rest/music/etc/etc/etc was apparently too much for my system and, well...

maybe it's cool on a rockstar, but when you're supposed to play a rather difficult (for me) solo arrangement of mannheim steamroller's "silent night" in front of a couple hundred people and you're the last number before the bishop's christmas address, pit stains are not ok.

so i did what any girl would do. i put pantyliners** in my armpits.

worked like a charm.

merry christmas everyone!

*i have since been informed that this color is chartreuse. i always wondered what color that was. and now i know. and you do, too.

**apparently pantyliners with wings work even better. thanks, k!