Wednesday, October 14, 2009

my lists will defend me*

today's to do (or this week's...whatevs):
+fight parking tickets, unless i procrastinated too long, then pay them
+prepare emergency lesson plan in case i contract the swine flu (this is an actual department request)
+grade art projects (turned in 3 weeks ago)
+prepare study guide for test 2
+write test 2
+prepare review lecture
+pick up dry cleaning
+exchange camis
+pick up abby's birthday present
+papa's 85th birthday present
+go running
+field trip form
+field trip worksheet
     +tales from the trail pt 2
     +ragnar relay
     +regina spektor
     +deette and brandon's wedding
+prepare study skills and test taking strategies handout? lecture?
+wash car (several months overdue)
+change oil
+photograph art projects
+photograph my new paintings
+update website
+potatoes for ragnar team dinner on sunday
+clean bathroom
+clean/organize room
+tomato soup ingredients for sunday
+read "march" for book club

*"i love to make lists. maybe its my background in beehives and breadmaking, the whole business of being industrious and frugal that a list promotes. or maybe its the power that comes when you can cross something off a list. ... i can see in a very tangible form what i have accomplished in a day. or perhaps it's the democratic nature of lists that i find so attractive. each task is of equal importance on paper. ... it's the line slashed through the words that counts. never mind that the pleasurable items are crossed off by noon and the difficult ones, meant for procrastination anyway, get moved to the net day's agenda. the point is that my intentions are honorable. my lists will defend me. -from terry tempest williams' "refuge: an unnatural history of family and place"

Sunday, October 11, 2009

the stars have not yet aligned

and so i can't post. i have to make sure i have time, my computer, it's power cord, my external hard drive that holds all of my pictures because my computer has zero memory left, it's power cord, it's computer connection, time, something to say (ok i guess that's not ever a problem), space over which to spread all this stuff, and maybe some time. i mean, i know i just quit my job, but seriously, people, i really must catch up with my friends ryan, taylor, seth and summer; jim, pam, dwight, michael, et al; tim gunn; nigel, mary, tyce, and the random people who think they can dance and some who actually CAN dance; and finally, sometimes haley, nathan, brooke, lucas and peyton. and believe you me, it is HARD to catch up on 2 years. i've also made some new friends. in addition to THAT, i have to run because i just have to. and because i'm so righteous, i decided to go to institute this semester to let my light so shine as an example to all those sinners out here in the dc area because teaching sunday school clearly is not influential enough. AND and sometimes i prep my lessons and grade papers. so with that busy schedule, you can see the pickle i'm in here.

stay tuned...i feel the stars love me this month...