Friday, March 12, 2010

allow me to introduce

the super cute, like for serious boyfriend-boy.


owns a vcr
loves his couch
likes to sit on your left
hasn't seen avatar in 3D...he hasn't seen anything in 3D
knows what an erg is and the correct usage of such
is the only redhead in his family
is approximately 5 minutes older than his younger brother, 2 years younger than his oldest brother, and 2years older than his youngest sister
loves "the proj"
is a fabulous uncle
lives 15.3 miles from me
makes a good sentient program

real good. trinity-called-a-truce good.

tells stories with details
speaks fluent german
knows how to pack a duffel
is the most sincere boy i've ever met
calls me "girl" and gets hell from his family
thinks its funny when i (sometimes) swear
throws a mean slush ball

likes to take care of me
likes adventures

once owned a party wagon, which apparently ran on blessings (thanks to rd)

for serious.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

when you get kicked out of the kitchen

make a picnic on the floor.

and put your back to the clutter and hope your mom doesn't aggravate her tmj as she looks at the picture. or you can block it out. literally.

red eyes are for valentine's day, right? and romance?

ohhhh red is for hungry vampires. i see. in that case, if you don't stop taking pictures, i'm going to eat the boy, with a lovely rose garnish.

look at that face. he doesn't have a clue, does he.