Wednesday, March 10, 2010

when you get kicked out of the kitchen

make a picnic on the floor.

and put your back to the clutter and hope your mom doesn't aggravate her tmj as she looks at the picture. or you can block it out. literally.

red eyes are for valentine's day, right? and romance?

ohhhh red is for hungry vampires. i see. in that case, if you don't stop taking pictures, i'm going to eat the boy, with a lovely rose garnish.

look at that face. he doesn't have a clue, does he.


Nicea said...

Yay ! I love the pictures and the picnic on the floor. No eating the boy, though. We like him.

annie said...

rd what's the verdict?

Lola said...

um, helloooooooooooooooooo. is this super cute boy like a for serious boy, like a boyfriend-boy, for serious?

i like him.

almost as much as i like you.

he should stick around awhile, yes?

Jana Brookes said...

i love that i'm not the only one who has clutter in the corners of her pictures!!!! YEAH!! that's my favorite part. oh, the boy is nice too! don't eat him, just keep dining on the floor with him! i'm glad you posted the pics. i feel like we need a more formal introduction of "the boy". when is the time for that?!!

Unknown said...

Yeah, what's this "the boy" business?? I'm with everyone else on this. More of him, more about him. Nosey relatives want to know!

Shawn said...

I personally LOVE "the boy" and you can tell him that. Unless you think it will scare him. Lovely and innovative Valentine's dinner.