Friday, January 22, 2010

note to self

its not a very good idea to keep your drink next to your paintbrush water.

Monday, January 11, 2010

deep thoughts

if you ever make hummus and drop a steaming hot chick pea down your shirt and it gets stuck in the canyon and burns you, let your roommate throw a handful of frozen lima beans down there, too. the burn is soothed and you have a serving of vegetables ready to eat.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

suspicion confirmed

i interrupt your blogsurfing break from your productive workday to bring you this perfectly useless and very unblogworthy, yet fast breaking story:

my right calf is smaller than my left.

and there you have it. stay tuned for more drivel. up next, if you think you're invisible when driving down the highway in your car, think again. i can see you picking your nose. yes, even at night. how does this effect dc-ists and what can you do to stop it? find out, after the break.

******************(this is the break)******************

******************(the break is now over)******************

really, picking your nose in your car doesn't effect dc-ists at all, but we're going to blame solely that for the spread of the swine flu and caution you about an impending epidemic if it isn't stopped. so what can you do to stop it? don't pick your nose.

have a great day.

**video courtesy of forwarders of emails including disgustingly cute babies, puppies, kittens and other things that make one say "awwww" and throw up a little in one's mouth.

Monday, January 4, 2010

christmas in january

because i'm always a litta behind.

this is the national christmas tree on the mall. and the national menorah in the background, which nobody ever seems to mention. i wonder if that makes it sad. the national tree is surrounded by 50 smaller trees each decorated to represent a state. usually christmas holiday music is blaring and a bonfire roaring and you can walk around and view the trees up close. but because the snowstorm had just finished dumping that morning (remember the 20 inches?) the chain link was installed to keep everyone out. i'm sure it was for safety reasons. blah blah blah. the music was still blaring though.

a little frolicking at the capitol never hurt anyone. annoyed, yes. hurt, no.

the capitol tree is often referred to as "the people's tree" and is brought in from one of the nation's state parks (i think). this one hails from arizona and was decorated by arizonian schoolchildren. we liked it the best.

you can't see it, but the flag is actually flying over the senate chambers, signaling that, even at 9:30pm on sunday the 20th, the senators were still - er - discussing the healthcare bill. i hope they know how to whip it.

*photos courtesy of the amazing tali