Tuesday, April 27, 2010

remember how i'm an artist?

Abstract Realities
May 14 - June 13
Opening Reception: May 14, 7-9pm
Artists Talk: June 13, 5pm

Curated by Trudi Van Dyke
Apprentice Curator: Pam Rogers

Featuring work by Allen Levy, Ann Elizabeth Gedicks, ZoƩ Hathaway, Cherie M. Redlinger, Felisa Federman and Damian Yanessa

6 contemporary artists in a variety of media explore reality with abstract presentations.

District of Columbia Arts Center - 2438 18th Street NW - Washington DC 20009

please oh please come.

yes, you. come.

pretty please.

runnin on empty (runnin wiiiiiiiiiiiiild)

i ran this race the weekend after easter with my friend a.s. (i contemplated posting our before picture, but it looks suspiciously like an after picture.) it's a beautiful course 'round the monuments, usually lined with cherry blossoms. but they came out the week prior and then most were knocked out by the high winds and rain we had just before the race.

here's a lil run-down.
we met at the smithsonian metro just after 7am and listed all the reasons we weren't prepared for this race (this is the part where i complain). i didn't sleep or eat much that week,* didn't drink enough water and had waffles with whipped cream for brunch the day before, which my mouth loved, but my stomach did not. and it let me know sunday morning when i could barely choke down a bite of cliff bar without it closing up slash rebelling. that's all i'll say about that. i started waking up at 3am, stopped trying to sleep around 5am and finally got up at 5:55 on race morning. also, i was wearing brand new shoes and had gotten a pedicure the night before. total amateur.

and now a list:
miles 1 and 2 - cramps in my arches - probably from not being used to actual support
mile 2.5 to 3.5 ish - cramps in arches gone, replaced by side ache
mile 4.5 - remembering that i felt GREAT at this point last year. not so much this year.
mile 5 - i'm only half way? why am i doing this again?
mile 6 - blessed water stop!
mile 7 - considering stopping at portas, just so i can rest
mile 7.5 - water stop is half mile earlier than expected, throwing off what was left of my sorry mental game
mile 8 - calves hurt a little. that's it. stop to stretch.
mile 8.75 - last water stop. only a mile and a quarter. i can do this
mile 9.5 - the finish is just over that hill. chaaaaarrrrggggge!!!
halfway up the hill - maybe i shouldn't have floored it
top of the hill - where's the damn finish?!
mile 10 - "ma'am, you have to keep moving; please collapse over there"

despite all that, it was a fun race...because i like to run. also, finally a semi-decent race picture. i think its the sunglasses. they really bring the whole ensemble together, no?

hmm...i need to work on my form.

*i can count the number of times this has happened on one hand. i like to eat. a lot. it generally doesn't even have to be good. if it's there, i'll probably eat it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

because i like to laugh

and don't know how to embed.

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

i promise this wallow* won't last

i've decided to make a mix tape**
please feel free to suggest your favorite break-up songs.
so far i have:

johnny cash "i see a darkness"
damien rice "delicate"
martin sexton "caught in the rain"
magnetic fields "i think i need a new heart"
imogen heap "hide and seek"
daniel bedingfield "gotta get through this"
the weepies "not your year"
annie lennox "why"
bright eyes "a perfect sonnet"
cheap trick "want you to want me"
iron and wine "the trapeze swinger"
leona lewis "bleeding love"
beyonce "single ladies"
mr. big "to be with you"
moulin rouge "el tango de roxanne"
the fray "how to save a life"
stevie nicks (and covers) "landslide"
jewel "you were meant for me"

what else?

*songs and songs only in the comments, please, or i will turn them off.
**did we really used to spend hours that way? weird.
thank you and have a nice day