Saturday, April 10, 2010

i promise this wallow* won't last

i've decided to make a mix tape**
please feel free to suggest your favorite break-up songs.
so far i have:

johnny cash "i see a darkness"
damien rice "delicate"
martin sexton "caught in the rain"
magnetic fields "i think i need a new heart"
imogen heap "hide and seek"
daniel bedingfield "gotta get through this"
the weepies "not your year"
annie lennox "why"
bright eyes "a perfect sonnet"
cheap trick "want you to want me"
iron and wine "the trapeze swinger"
leona lewis "bleeding love"
beyonce "single ladies"
mr. big "to be with you"
moulin rouge "el tango de roxanne"
the fray "how to save a life"
stevie nicks (and covers) "landslide"
jewel "you were meant for me"

what else?

*songs and songs only in the comments, please, or i will turn them off.
**did we really used to spend hours that way? weird.
thank you and have a nice day


Sherry Carpet said...

indigo girls: ghost.

Lola said...

that one by james blunt. but please only listen to the opening line over and over like michael scott did {when his realtor girlfriend broke up with him because he photoshopped a picture of him on a ski vacation with her and her kids and sent it out to everyone he knew}. i think it's most effective that way.

loving your guts. that's not a song, but please don't erase me, cuz it's the truth.

Ashley C said...

Howie Day: Ghost
The Fray: Heartless
Jack's Mannequin: Bruised
Joshua James: Lovers Without Love
La Roux: Bulletproof
Lifehouse: Broken
OK Go: This Too Shall Pass

(No, I do not have an entire iTunes playlist set aside for times like these - why do you ask?)

Meg said...

*Sad Songs
Never Again: Justin Timberlake
Cry: Faith Hill
*These next were my "don't fall for Brian again" songs (obviously didn't work, but great for singing at the top of your lungs songs)
Last Beautiful Girl: Matchbox 20
Insensitive: Jann Arden
Don't Think of Me: Dido
I have tons more, but I will write when I think of them.

Miranda said...

Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For-U2. Love it. Love you.

Nicea said...

You gotta get some oldies but goodies in the mix. Take your pick:

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Neal Sedaka?

Big Girls Don't Cry: The Four Seasons

Blue on Blue: Bobby Vinton

Killing Me Softly With His Song: Robert Flack

Let It Be: The Beatles

Rhythm of the Rain: The Cascades

Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye: The Casinos

You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling: The Righteous Brothers

Heartbreak Hotel: Elvis Presley

Oh, and soooo many more. I used to know 'em all.

Love you.

Nicea said...

The Rose: Bette Midler

Amanda Moore said...

-Breakeven (Fallin To Pieces): The Script
-Cold As You: Taylor Swift
-Forever and Always: Taylor Swift
-Broken: Lifehouse
-Almost Lover: A Fine Frenzy
-Battlefield: Jordin Sparks
-Worn Me Down: Rachel Yamagata
-Brave: Idina Menzel

Bah! I have sooo many more! Maybe I should just email you :) Loves

Amanda Moore said...

I forgot my favorite Celine!!!

This one is more of a hopeful song :)

I Know What Love Is: The lovely lady herself, Celine Dion

richard dandelion said...

"Thanks for the Check" by Richard Dandelion. :-)

richard dandelion said...

Also I'm digging on La Roux's "Bulletproof" right about now.

richard dandelion said...

Just noticed Ashley beat me to it.

Not technically in this category, but one you may want to check out anyway, is "The Mariner's Revenge Song" by The Decemberists.

richard dandelion said...

"It Only Hurts Me When I Cry," by Dwight Yoakam. Trust.

richard dandelion said...

Here's a link to that The Decemberists' song.

annie said...

great suggestions, everyone. thank you.

annie said...

@rd - you're welcome :) ps love the decemberists...have that whole album

Louise said...

not that i'm encouraging more wallowing if you've moved on since this was an old post...but in case you still need it, i find that most ray lamontagne songs do the trick. i use them for breakups and mondays, which mostly make me feel the same way.

Melissa said...

Mika: Happy Ending. It's depressing lyrics with ridiculous catchy music that makes you want to dance around in suspenders and a fedora like a gap ad. Perfection.

Though I think Lola's answer is a close second.

Stephanie said...

at this moment: billy vera and the beaters

it's a classic

Melissa said...

Oh, also, I like heavier (I'd say metal but I'm not a full-blown metal head anymore) stuff, so I like Halestorm's Love/Hate Heartbreak. But less for the lyrics. And more just because her voice. Her voice! Still.

richard dandelion said...

One more, then I'm done. (Promise.)

"Expiration Date" by Pomplamoose.

abbyjane said...

kate voegel, devil in me, acoustic version. anything by the fray. he seems to be a melancholy-voiced chap.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm late to the discussion, but my personal favorites are
"On My Own" from Les Mis
and on the upswing
"Pressing On" by Reliant K