Thursday, April 23, 2009

should a made a left toin at albukoykee!!*

dear friends,

ok in the last month or so i've probably either 1 - begged you to run this race with me, 2 - bragged to you that i'm running it or 3 - made you listen to my training strategy (lots of ice cream and chocolate chips and an occasional long run). so i thought you might like to know that you're invited to a where 5 of the 36 legs start and/or finish and all 12 team members can be there at the same time (usually you're relegated to one van, and don't get to commingle except at major exchanges). so if you happen to find yourselves with nothing to do approximately 10pm on friday night, feel free to drive on up to boonsboro, md. it's in the middle of nowhere, between gettysburg and dc. they're calling it the "oasis," but really it's boonsboro high school. most of us will have only run 1 leg at that point, so we won't smell TOO bad...yet. if you can't (or don't want to) make that, you can watch us finish around 3pm saturday on the potomac river trail between the jefferson and FDR memorials (park at the lots under the 14th street bridge, by the jefferson).

boonsboro high school
10 campus ave
boonsboro, md 21713

ubudee ubudee...that's all folks!

*our team name. we'll be the ones decked in WB gear.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


that stands for quote of the day. in case you were wondering.
"apparently, filing tax returns is one of those strange laws they expect you to keep when you work in goverment. apparently, no one told the president before he started picking out appointees. but, based on recent events... that whole 'file on time' is sort of a guideline masquerading as a law. it's like the pirate code."
-jennifer gonzalez

but then...we all know what happens to pirates...

i'll be filing my taxes tonight.

Monday, April 6, 2009

did you know...

that i'm all set to win my office bracket competition? i just need unc to win tonight. so i think you should all watch it and cheer for them and send them happy winning thoughts. ok? ok. thank you.

livin on a prayer

apparently bon jovi makes me run faster. he's gotten me through a half marathon, my 9-mile leg of the ragnar relay and now, the cherry blossom 10 miler.

sunday was a gorgeous day for a run around the monuments, through streets turned pink with cherry blossoms. but i was rather unprepared. i didn't drink enough water on saturday. i stopped sweating around mile 4 or 5. i didn't train and so around mile 8, i really wanted to quit. but i didn't. (bless those that cheer for runners other than their own). i am now sore. very very sore.
also, i decided that my friends need to tell me when they're running races so i can cheer for them. and then i'll tell them when i'm running and they can cheer for me. because 10 miles gets kind of lonely all alone with only the finish line to look forward to. and at about mile 8, pretending other peoples' signs and "go runner!" cheers were just for me, just didn't cut it anymore. BUT, that said, it was a great race and i had mucho funno. i even managed to scrape in just under my goal time. can i get a woot!woot!

so, anyway, when's your next race?

mine's april 24-25. we'll be comin into dc sometime the morning/afternoon of the 25th. i'll keep ya posted.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


since i'm such a slacker and never posted for manda's (or mom's) birthday, i've taken it upon myself to introduce...HER NEW BLOG! that's right family, friends and random stalkers, the youngest gedicks girl has joined the madness. maybe you already knew, but that is hardly the point. head on over and leave her some comments so she doesn't feel like a bloser. thats a blog loser. i made it up. go with it...