Wednesday, October 14, 2009

my lists will defend me*

today's to do (or this week's...whatevs):
+fight parking tickets, unless i procrastinated too long, then pay them
+prepare emergency lesson plan in case i contract the swine flu (this is an actual department request)
+grade art projects (turned in 3 weeks ago)
+prepare study guide for test 2
+write test 2
+prepare review lecture
+pick up dry cleaning
+exchange camis
+pick up abby's birthday present
+papa's 85th birthday present
+go running
+field trip form
+field trip worksheet
     +tales from the trail pt 2
     +ragnar relay
     +regina spektor
     +deette and brandon's wedding
+prepare study skills and test taking strategies handout? lecture?
+wash car (several months overdue)
+change oil
+photograph art projects
+photograph my new paintings
+update website
+potatoes for ragnar team dinner on sunday
+clean bathroom
+clean/organize room
+tomato soup ingredients for sunday
+read "march" for book club

*"i love to make lists. maybe its my background in beehives and breadmaking, the whole business of being industrious and frugal that a list promotes. or maybe its the power that comes when you can cross something off a list. ... i can see in a very tangible form what i have accomplished in a day. or perhaps it's the democratic nature of lists that i find so attractive. each task is of equal importance on paper. ... it's the line slashed through the words that counts. never mind that the pleasurable items are crossed off by noon and the difficult ones, meant for procrastination anyway, get moved to the net day's agenda. the point is that my intentions are honorable. my lists will defend me. -from terry tempest williams' "refuge: an unnatural history of family and place"


Nicea said...

I'm going to make a list. A long one. Because I'm gonna need a really strong defense.

Unknown said...

I love lists too! Ask Kevin. There's something so gratifying and motivating about making a list and checking off items as you go. Plus, if you have an unproductive day, just put "make a list" at the bottom of your list and then at least you've crossed one thing off :)

Ashley C said...

I am so with you there. That's exactly why I didn't feel bad reading all weekend, because I made lists of stuff to do that I had been procrastinating for awhile (some not so shopping) and a couple of hours getting stuff done. Who cares if the other 90% of the time I was cozy in my bed?

Shawn said...

Holy cow! I've never seen a list that long. I hope you're giving yourself a minimum of a year on that one.

M. said...

I love lists! and i'm so jealous of some things on it... Um, when would you like to "free paint"? :)

Noel and Angela said...

I've been living without lists lately. While freeing you don't really know how to answer the question of what you did all day. Maybe I'll go back to lists. After all at one time I was a master of lists. I think I'll make a list tomorrow. Tomorrow sounds good.