Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ketchup, catsup, catch-up

lately i've really been wanting to rebuke everyone for not posting more frequently.  i don't think you realize how addicted i am to your blogs. but then i think i can't rebuke without posting myself. and that just requires so much energy! i have to clear space on my hard drive so i can download pictures, download the pictures, photoshop em, upload em, and think of something to write. i know - my life is SO hard. 

also, i have to grade papers. papers are the bane of my existence. but i still love my job. 
test question: what's the difference between sculpture in the round and relief sculpture?
actual student answer: the difference is that they're different.

i digress.

here's a briefing from the last MONTH of my life, according to the pictures i've only just downloaded from my camera...unphotoshopped...and sideways: 

i flew to san jose for a wedding. actually, that was in september. i'm really a behind. wait, i mean, i'm really behind.

we locked the keys in the rental car and spent a good 45 minutes sweating it out before one of the other bridesmaids mentioned casually that she has triple a. oh YOU have triple a?!! why didn't you SAY something?!

no harm, no foul.

we were rescued and managed to make it to the rehearsal dinner, having only missed the rehearsal, which is really a non-event at a mormon wedding anyway.


i ran the ragnar relay and took almost no pictures. i did get this great shot of the sunrise (yes, sunRISE) in the middle of our second legs.

i went to regina spektor with the girls. love regina.

love the girls.

max and perry visited (twice!) and they had a great time on the love sack. and the stairs. and emptying my purse.  

oh yeah, their mother came, too. and we went shopping and got us one o those ones in the middle.

i flew to seattle for my grandpa's funeral which also turned into an impromptu reunion. reuneral! (can't take credit for that brilliance. that was all justin, the eldest, wisest cousin.) i had some thoughts on my sweet and ornery but mostly sweet grandpa, but decided not to be a downer, since it's november. november's a downer month, don't you think? i do.

we surprised our grandmother for her birthday. all of her (living) grandkids, daughters, daughters-in-law, sons and sons-in-law were able to make it to the funeral, which preceded her birthday by 2 days. 

behold the stimpson grands plus a grand-in-law and 2 greats:

(click here for a more better pic by lola)
some of us forgot that we're adults. yes, this is just after i fell out of the swing. yes, i'm 29 years old. 

i love my family. the faces were grandma's idea. 

we stimpson women sure know how to party.

the men on the other hand...

might ACTUALLY know how to party.

i taught a lesson on photography for enrichment, or relief society activity or whatever the official name is now.

i was trinity from the matrix for halloween, complete with morpheus, neo and agent smith. i had boots for the actual party, but not for the pictures, which is sad. the boots really made the costume. that and the leather pants. thank you, wet seal!

speaking of halloween, abby turned 27. wait, what?! they grow up so fast... don't worry, abs, you'll always be 23 to me :)

speaking of birthdays, i finally mailed a gift that i bought for my mother in july 2008 for christmas 2008, forgot that i'd bought it (apple, tree, not far...), decided to give it to her for her birthday, forgot again that i had something already, decided to give it to her for mother's day...see a pattern? mom, didja get it yet? i sent it via usps, so i'm kinda scared.

deette came to visit! so of course the girls got together for drinks. virgins all around! (sigh)

the anniversary of alex's death came again (as anniversaries tend to do), but i figured i was sufficiently depressing on his birthday post, so i'll just let it ride.

mary and i zipped our friend courtney into a suitcase. 

i remembered that autumn is my favorite season and that i like to take pictures and that i love dc because even though november's a downer, it's still warm enough to run outside in shorts and a short-sleeve.

so here's a little preview for the next post...sometime in march...ish.


Nicea said...

I love it, Annie! March is too long to wait for the next one. Some random thoughts on this one: The picture of the Stimpson girls all partying looks like Grandma and a bunch of paparazzi. Yes, she is a celeb. I look better when I make a goofy face than when I try to smile and look pleasant. Does the swing picture in the park, is that when you fell out of the swing? Too bad you missed the wedding rehearsal, but we all know the dinner is what everyone really went for. Triple A. Hmmm. I liked them alot until last time when it took three different guys adn three different phone calls to get my car started. Before it even left my garage! And then they neglected to put the battery holder back in place. Three months later when I went to get my car safety inspected, I failed and the inspectors told me my battery was going to fall out any time now and that they were surprised it hadn't already done so. And that's all I have to say about that. I'm sorry November is a downer for you. I hope your Thanksgiving is fun and memorable and that you know I'm thankful for you. Tons. More than tons. What comes after tons?

Nicea said...

Do I talk too much?

Shawn said...

Annie, I love this post! You have a fun life and you really know how to write about it. I agree with Neesh, March is too long to wait, you little twit. (and I mean that in a loving way)

annie said...

i learned recently that if you lower your expectations, you'll never be disappointed. so i was just trying to lower all your expectations. i'll post before march. probably.

MOM DID YOUR PRESENT ARRIVE?!! and no you don't look better with a goofy face. just more natural. ha!

auntie, i love your wobbles. and i mean that in the best way possible.

love, the twit.

jenni said... how did your thanksgiving turn out? better than your expecting ;) way to apply our shared wisdom. the three bells do make me a little curious. love you girl- looking forward to our next adventure run! have a super weekend, unexpectedly, of course!

abbyjane said...

so what am i supposed to do with the rest of this half and half in my fridge, huh?

annie said...

ab: drink it. it's fat free!

annie said...

or even better...put it in the tomato and red pepper soup. seriously. that would be good.

M. said...

I love that bell photo, did you take it?