Thursday, September 29, 2011

at long last

i've returned to the blogosphere! sort of. however did you get along without me?

since i didn't take any of my own pictures at the wedding and i don't have access to the photographer's pictures to post online and i can't rip images off facebook anymore...behold the trailer for the wedding video. yes. a trailer. awesome, no?

video by jared sattler. he rocks.


Ashley C said...

So awesome. Love it. And what is that song? I must have it.

Liz G said...

You guys are like movie stars! AWESOME!

Jana Brookes said...

So cool! I love it! It was such a great day!

Coral Rose said...

:-) Made me cry. Probably because I'm crazy in the head right now. Or because I shelled out $115 recently for a marriage license of my own and all the dress fittings and negotiations have made me light-headed.

So so so so so happy for you.

sherry carpet said...

ooooh--can't wait for the full-length feature!

Nicea said...

That. Was. Awesome. I like that song, too, like Ashley does. Who sings it and what's the name of it? Like Coral, I got teary-eyed. Like Krista, I can't wait to see the feature film. As Jana said, it was really a great day... for everyone. Like Liz said, you guys are like movie stars!

Shawn said...

Love, love, love that so much! Can't wait to show it to Greg. I'm glad I watched it before he got home so he couldn't see my wet eyes and hear my sniffles. I'm so happy my visa was late so I got to come--so, so glad.

annie said...

@ashely - according to shazam, iit's "hoppipolla" by sigur ros. or maybe "sigur ros" by hoppipolla. i don't really know how to use shazam.

@coral rose - $115 for a marriae license?! that's highway robbery. good luck with the fittings and negotiations and such! and CONGRATULATIONS!!! so excited for you. so so so.

@liz - would you like me to send you a signed headshot? heh.

@jana - :D

@neesh - big hug

@sherry carpet - so so so glad you could be there and thank you a million times over for all the help

@shawnie - i'm so so so glad you could be there, too! yay for delayed visas!

@ all - true confessions...i maybe watch that little 1:51 multiple times a day. maybe.

Meg said...

You guys are super fun!