Monday, June 4, 2012

a conundrum

have you ever received something so beautiful you're not quite sure what to do with it?

my wedding dressmaker (who designed and sewed me the most amazing wedding dress i could imagine) made ben and i small leather journals personalized with our initials as a thank you for choosing her.

and i absolutely love mine.

the only problem has a finite number of pages and i can't decide what is special enough to write in it.

my journal is already digital (and totally password protected).

i thought about recording ideas for shows and titles in it, but it seems too lovely for brainstorming.

what do you think? how would you use it?


Shaina said...

Since it's a gift from your wedding you should write in it each year just on your anniversary day. You could put thoughts of your wedding, Ben, and what pretty thing he bought you to celebrate another year together.

Amy M said...

I've seen people use special journals like this to record notes during General Conference. However, I also really like Shaina's suggestion.

Jana Brookes said...

Might be fun to write fun things your future children say in it?! Love the first idea too. Beautiful journal!