Saturday, May 30, 2009

a litta art show

i only have a few pictures of the may workhouse show because once jared left, i didn't bother bribing anyone else to play photographer. 

annie, may cause devastation in populated areas, lauren

ashley, annie, skin buckled, straight spine bowed, aaron, nancy

lovely flowers, annie, aaron, nancy

new work! no space left to remember

no space left to remember (detail)

new work! 
on the walls inside her head
now you know
the color's kind of off in this image (a little green) but i don wanna fix it right now.

on the walls inside her head (detail)

on the walls inside her head (detail)

i had more new work, but it sold already. and i think the images are on my external hard drive and i don' wanna fin' 'em

so. now you can contemplate the meaning of the universe, or at least what's going on inside her head.


Sherry Carpet said...

way to sell some fabulous art, girl!

Nicea said...

Annie. You. Are. A. Real. Artist.

Nicea said...

I'm still trying to wrap my brain around that.

Unknown said...

you're cool. can I be like you someday?

Shawn said...

Gotta love the words "sold already". COOL!!

Lola said...

Rad. Kickin butt and takin names. I like it.

Princess Consuela and Banana Hammock said...

Wow! Thats awesomeness Annie! You rock as an artist. Hey and cute hair! You lookin good. I heart you too.

Meg said...

Nice work Annie, and you look great! Did you cut your hair short, or is it hiding under the stylin hat?

annie said...

sherry, nicea, shawnie, jaime, and lola and princess: thank you. loves to you all.

megara - not hiding, chopped it when i moved out here almost 2 years ago. i can't believe it's been that long since i've seen you!

Tyler and Jenica said...

You go Annie! Ha ha good for you! So talented, beautiful, and sweet.

p.s. We aren't coming to the reunion :( Tyler and I are in TX and we can't buy plane tickets. Plus he can't miss work. I want to come sooo bad :( I KNOW you guys will have fun!