Monday, August 31, 2009

did i mention...

that i started school today?

that my last day at sidley is october 1?

that i ran a 10 mile race yesterday?

that i hiked 167.7 miles with my pops earlier this month?

that i'm one of the "featured artists" at the studio?

that i'm going to see the killers tonight?

that i'm kind of behind on downloading pictures and posting?

that i'm captain obvious today?

that i like peanut butter on crackers with raisins? and pecans? and almonds and honey?

that the above is pretty much all i have left in my cupboard?

that i'm "going private" and i need your email addresses?

that i'm going to expound on all these topics maybe?

that i need to know which one you want to hear about first?

that i'm starting a new blog?

that i'm in the market for some plastic pants?

i did mention that?
ok just checking.


Laura said...

Plastic pants? Please include me when you go private =)

Nicea said...

I missed this post last week! How was your first day of teaching? Sidley's gonna miss you, but do you feel a real sense of relief in knowing that tomorrow's your last day? Congrats on being featured artist. Wish I could just bop in to see you latest stuff.

You know my email addresses (both of them, right?)

M. said...

nice of you to throw that "going private" in there. why is everyone doing it these days?! I better be on the list!

Shawn said...

put me on your list, crazy woman. You know my address. If you don't, let me know.

annie said...

ma - you didn't miss it. i actually posted it on the 31st. didn't realize the date was off. also...last day is oct 1 :D and yes i'm excited.

Nicea said...

So? How do you think you're going to like teaching this time around?

Jana Brookes said...

man, captain obvious has an awesome life!! maybe i better become him. or i'll just keep reading your blog! less busy girl found at :

Jana Brookes said...

is captain obvious a him? sorry about that!

PJ said...

i don't think i breathed until i got to the end of the list....


can i just say, neener neener, my cuz is the weener ("winner")?!

please include me on your private list. at the top.

nice work on all those miles.

PJ said...


Sherry Carpet said...

see? me.

of the three comments.

abbyjane said...

I was gonna say,"Peej! You're a wit!"

Why must we be hiding our blogs? You have a stalker I don't know about?

Captain Morgan

The Wills Family! said...

Please add me to your list when you go private!
Your a peach!