Tuesday, July 6, 2010

five seconds

this is where truth or dare in the shadow of mr. lincoln on july 4 will get ya:

(video via washingtonpost.com)

and if you stick out the heat (and the dares) you get this:

happy birthday, america!


richard dandelion said...

Yay team!

MissKitti, Daisy Spots and I journeyed with Sherry Carpet to DC for fireworks the first summer we were in PA. DS almost got heatstroke. The air was so humid that the smoke from the fireworks didn't move, so pretty soon all we could see was a dim pulse of faintly colored haze.

Totally worth it, though, for the thrill of being on the National Mall with so many other Youessicans. Definitely an experience I'd recommend.

Nicea said...

Never shy away from a dare, I always say. Wait, I don't think I said that.

It's all about the experience, is what I REALLY always say.

Just do it.


Aaron said...

Way to go, Annie! You're officially even more famous than you already were in my book :)