Wednesday, January 25, 2012


we're in the huffington post!


i'm going to be a guest artist at the workhouse!

we building 4 artists have been working hard on the "have a heart" project, creating interactive and food-centric artworks in a variety of media.

and you can help! just bring non-perishable or canned goods to fill our kitchen on or before the
(feb 11, 6-9pm, workhouse building 4)

all items will be donated to the local food pantry, food for others.

l-r: joan yi, mary gallagher stout, lynn goldstein, john gascot, and annie gedicks working on a collaborative project for have a heart.

can't make it to the reception? donate here. all proceeds will be used to purchase items for food for others.


Aaron said...

I'll be there, and I will try to round up some friends to join!

sherry carpet said...

i mean, it's obvious, but really. so cool.