Wednesday, November 19, 2008

what i did at work today


don't worry. i typealyzed all of your blogs, too.

oh and some of this, too

are you dying of cuteness? i am. and i want a puppy, too.


miss kitti said...

So fun. Where did you find this?

annie said...

one of my friends had it on his gchat status. my other favorite is the bubble wrap one that you can "pop" with your mouse. not as time-consuming as this was, though.

Aaron said...

I'm glad the puppies made your blog. They're so cute!

Tried the typealyzer for a bunch of my friends' blogs. Either we're all performers, or the typealyzer is bogus. It seems pretty straightforward, but am I somehow doing it wrong?

annie said...

aaron: most of my bloggy buds were performers, as well, but one was a thinker and a few were doers (or something like that). i'm sure it's an oh-so-scientific site.