Wednesday, January 28, 2009

another shout out to miss kitti

seriously, she has some awesome post ideas. and so i'm stealing another.

last summer, the women of the colonial first ward were asked to bring our favorite pair of shoes to a get-to-know-you enrichment night.* we were supposed to talk about how the shoe represents us. i had no idea what to take. i have a pair of red strappy 3.5" heels that i LOVE for a night out with the girls or to go dancing or just to feel sexy. i LOVE my hiking shoes (i think that one's self explanatory). i love my great leopard print platforms. i love my running shoes. i love my black pumas with the little nubbies on the sole. i love my red clogs. i love my black spike heel boots. and my knee-high brown spike heeled boots. and my brown clumpy boots. and i think all these shoes represent different facets of my personality. how can i just pick one?

i'm all of these things. i like to dress up. i like to go dancing. i like to sit around the house in sweats and do nothing. i like to randomly choreograph dances with friends. i like to go hiking, preferably for weeks at a time. i love to wear dresses, but when i was younger, i wouldn't be caught dead in a skirt, except at church. i love to wear jeans and t-shirts. i don't like wearing make-up** but i do cause my face currently looks like a piece of pizza with all the cheese picked off. i like the color pink, except when i don't. i love going to the symphony and rodeos and monster truck rallies and concerts and baseball games. i love playing sports (even though i suck). i love traveling. i love staying home and reading. i love making art. i love being the center of attention, until i actually am. i love to run. i love to snowboard, sew, cook, dance, sleep...

i've been called princess, a little bit granola, sweet, "worth paying money to watch on tv," preppy, artsy, blond at heart, refreshing, shy, intimidating, serious, fartsy...

i turn 29 on saturday (jan 31)^ and i think i'm finally comfortable with not fitting a mold. maybe you think i fit a mold. that's fine. we can do that mold-y stuff together and be friends. and hey, let me know if you need to borrow a pair of shoes.

*for you unfamiliar with mormon vocab, a ward is a congregation and enrichment night is when we women get together and do different stuff to enrich our lives. this often includes cookies, some kind of craft paint, and (apparently) shoes. the actual title of the program is "home, family and personal enrichment."

**except i love mascara cause i have kick-a$$ eyelashes.

^buy me presents.


Lola said...

a completely fabulous post, cuz. happy early birthday, keep kicking butt and taking names you sexy rockstar.

Unknown said...
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Jana Brookes said...

I think they broke the mold with you! You are one of a kind!! You are such and awesome girl with so many wonderful talents and passions, and I think it's awesome! You are very well rounded.
I wish I had as many shoes as you. I seem to be wearing my black and white doc martens that I wear for work, even when I go out to the store or on dates. Cause they slide on real easy and I am too lazy to tie a shoe up. Got that from my dad. My doc's have just about seen their day though.
I also think that you do have wonderful eyelashes!!
Happy B-day on Saturday. Just wait til the next year. That one sucks, let me tell you. I just had mine....yuck!

Shawn said...

Love your post but I MUST say that your face does NOT look like pizza with the cheese picked off. I know that because I eat pizza regularly and I have NEVER thought, "Wow, this pizza looks like Annie's face". But when I have seen your face I have regularly thought, "Wow, she has a pretty face". So there. And now I think you should prove it to the world by changing your blogger pic to one that shows everyone what I am talking about. Get a sexy one up there like Lola has. Yes, I'm being bossy but I'm not your Mom and since you are turning 29 soon you don't have to obey me or her. Happy Birthday! I would take you to lunch if you didn't live 500 million miles away.

miss kitti said...

Annie -you put it so much better. I think we might be the same person. I, too, love attention, just up until everyone's looking. Then I'd like to quietly go my own way.

I love your shoe collection. Esp the boots. Grace and I spent all day Saturday looking for black leather, over the calf boots for her. NO luck! Ugh. She'll have to wait on the being completely "fashion girl" a little longer.

Congrats on the awesome lashes. One more thing to envy, but YAY for you and Happy Birthday.

Nicea said...

Amanda and I just went out to eat in your honor. We first went to Target and then to the FEDEX place to overnight your b-day mini-package to you. (I just wish I'd had my choice of your footwear to put on before we went. Woman, you got a veritable warehouse goin' on.)

P.S. We sent your mini-package so it would arrive a day early. I know. Rare for us. Okay, unheard of for us. But still. We did it so you could open it in front of everyone at the trial so they'd know it was your birthday and you could act surprised, like you'd forgotten all about it, and this way you wouldn't have to shamelessly tell them about it, because we know you would never seek that sort of attention. Plus, we were thinking mostly of them and THEIR comfort because how rude would it be for us just to send the gift the day OF your birthday and not give them ample time to prepare a surprise birthday party for you. Uh huh. Pret-ty rude in-deed.


abbyjane said...

you forgot fartsy.

annie said...

thanks, lola! you da bomb.

banana: i don't think they broke the mold so much as i tried to sing and it shattered. oops.

auntie. LOL! i love your posts and your comments, too. someday, when i get an external hard drive so's i can once again download pictures, i might change that one.

miss k. i think we are the same person. yay. i like it. grow your shoe collection! the red heels i was talkin bout are at least 5 years old (and recently suffered a break at the zoo...long story). love ya.

ma: thanks. love you. lots and lots. and lots. and you make me laugh, too, like auntie. are you two related?

ab: see edits. :P

Jana Brookes said...

Happy Birthday for real, today! You are such a cutie Annie! Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you! Love ya, and hope you had a great day!

Jessica Tingey said...

"i love being the center of attention, until i actually am."

love this! just came across your blog. you are fun!