Thursday, October 23, 2008

indecision 2008

ok this has nothing to do with politics. sorry.*

i have done so much recently (seriously, i'm so blessed), and am so far behind on blogging i don't know where to start. so pick a post below and i'll start there.

memorial day duck
my heart will go on (the best holiday ever)
i'm an artist. no, really.
suckfest 2008
bleeding love. keep keep bleeding love.
run. drive. sleep? repeat.
dc spy hunt
dutch bike dutch
early birds in NYC
don't stop believing

ok readyyyyyyyyy....GO!

*but really i'm not


Sherry Carpet said...

i vote for suckfest 2008. with 'the best holiday (pageant) ever' as the runner up. go!

Aaron said...

I vote for either 'the best holiday (pageant) ever' or 'dc spy hunt' since I was involved in most of the others and thus already know about them. But I'll be content with whichever you choose.